What Is the Best Age to Buy Long-Term-Care Insurance?

09 May What Is the Best Age to Buy Long-Term-Care Insurance?


When it comes to long-term care, the costs can be enormous, and Medicare will help only in the most limited of circumstances. That is why many people turn to long-term-care insurance, which can protect against paying costs out of pocket, such as for a nursing home or an assisted living facility. But if you do decide to purchase a policy, it’s important to do so at the right time.

The best time to buy long-term-care insurance will vary based on your health and financial circumstances. But in general, we believe the best age for most people is in their mid-50s. That’s because qualifying for coverage—as well as the cost of coverage—will depend on your health, which is likely to be better in your 50s than later on. Plus, most people are more likely to qualify for discounts based on good health in their 50s than in their 60s and beyond. And those discounts will generally be locked in even if your health changes as you age.

Waiting until you turn 60 or even 70 often does not pay off because the annual premiums will be higher, and over time the total costs will likely be more than had you purchased a policy earlier. Moreover, the longer you put off buying long-term-care insurance, the more risk you face of needing to pay for care out of pocket, which can be quite expensive.

One final note: Not everyone needs to buy long-term-care insurance, but everyone does need a long-term-care plan. People have impoverished themselves to pay for long-term care. That makes it crucial to have a plan in place to pay for long-term care should the need arise.

Whether your plan is setting aside a certain amount in your savings account or some other strategy, it’s important to have a plan since the cost of long-term care—and insurance—can be so expensive.

Consider your age and health needs, shop around to determine the long-term care insurance policies you qualify for, and weigh those costs against what you might have to pay out of pocket.

If you want to understand your insurance needs in light of your entire financial situation, consider talking with a fiduciary, fee-only financial advisor. They’ll be able to give advice that is commission-free and based on your best interests.

Schedule a complimentary, 15-minute call with a fee-only financial advisor today to discuss your personal situation.

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