September 2015

23 Sep

Why Life Insurance Matters

Besides the death benefit, it may also help you financially during your life. As a recent article noted, 43% of Americans have no life insurance. Some view it as optional; some have simply procrastinated when it comes to buying a policy. Others believe that they can't afford it.1
23 Sep

The Fed Decides to Wait

In a tough time for equities, it elects not to roil the markets.

The Federal Reserve has postponed raising short-term interest rates. Citing "global economic and financial developments" that could "somewhat" impair economic progress and lessen inflation pressure, the Federal Open Market Committee voted 9-1 against a rate hike, with Richmond Fed President Jeffrey Lacker being the lone dissenter.1

03 Sep

Stock Market Correction

Corrections are unsettling, yes—and they are also part of any ordinary bull market. Historically, they have occurred about every 18 months. This current bull is extraordinary—the S&P 500 has sailed along without a correction since October 2011—the third longest interval without a correction in the past 50 years. That 2011 correction took three months to occur, so it was not nearly as dramatic as what we seem to be witnessing now.1

03 Sep

Riding Out This Volatile Market

A major global sell-off unfolds. Is a bottom near?

When will the stock market stabilize? As the last trading week of August began, worried investors wondered just that. Gains for the major indices were hard to imagine at Monday's opening bell, but few imagined the Dow Jones Industrial Average would drop 1,089 points as trading began—a new record, as the blue chips had never sunk more than 800 points during any trading session.1,2