May 2015

28 May

The Big Economic Mystery of 2015

If the economy is healthy, why are retail sales so poor?

Retail sales have been flat or negative for four out of the past five months. Even though households are saving an average of $50 a month on gasoline compared with a year ago, that savings has not inspired consumers to increase their spending.1

28 May

Are Your Kids Delaying Your Retirement?

Some baby boomers are supporting their "boomerang" children.

Are you providing financial support to your adult children? Has that hurt your retirement prospects?

It seems that the wealthier you are, the greater your chances of lending a helping hand to your kids. Pew Research Center data compiled in late 2014 revealed that 38% of American parents had given financial assistance to their grown children in the past 12 months, including 73% of higher-income parents.1

28 May

Estate Planning for Your Digital Assets

Have you addressed this issue?

Social media and email accounts. Creative works, photos and keepsakes kept on home computers, the cloud or external storage drives. E-commerce accounts. Domain names. Bitcoin. These are all examples of digital assets. You will manage them closely as long as you live—but what will happen to them once you die?