December 2013

26 Dec

Why 2014 May Be a Very Good Year

More improvement may be in store for the economy and the stock market.

Will the economy and the bull market make further strides next year? On both Wall Street and Main Street, 2013 has turned out better than many analysts expected. Will the recovery gain additional momentum in 2014, and will stocks climb even higher?

26 Dec

Your Financial Co-Pilot

If anything happens to you, your family has someone to consult.

If you weren't around, what would happen to your investments? In many families, one person handles investment decisions, and spouses or children have little comprehension of what happens each week, month or year with a portfolio.

In an emergency, this lack of knowledge can become financially paralyzing. Just as small business owners risk problems by "keeping it all in their heads," families risk problems when only one person has an understanding of investments.

16 Dec

Inherited an IRA? Three Ways to Manage Your Distributions

Inherited an IRA? Three Ways to Manage Your Distributions

If you've inherited an IRA, you will need to make a choice about how to distribute the funds from the account. You have several options, each with potentially different tax consequences. Whatever choice you make, however, you should remember that any IRA distribution will result in ordinary income to you, and that you'll have to pay taxes on that income.

02 Dec

A Market to Be Thankful For

Could 2013 end up being the best year for stocks since 1995?

In financial terms, 2013 has been a very nice year—a year in which the economy, the housing and business sectors, and the stock market have all improved. Looking back over the year-to-date, it is particularly amazing to see how stocks have soared in the face of many challenges—some of which proved tougher than others.

02 Dec

IRS Retirement Plan Adjustments for 2014

Rules changes for IRAs, 401(k)s and other savings vehicles.

The IRS has made minor adjustments to retirement plan limitations for 2014. As inflation has been tame in 2013, these COLAs aren't dramatic; as a result, some retirement plans won't see any next year. Here is a roundup of the changes for 2014.

IRAs. Not much change here: The 2014 contribution limit is still set at $5,500, with an additional $1,000 catch-up contribution permitted for those 50 and older.1